Course introduction


The Department of Radiology offers elective programs designed to familiarize students/ doctors from abroad with the interpretation of radiological images, as well as to provide opportunities for observation and research in various subspecialty areas of radiology, including interventional radiology and radiotherapy.

The goal of this elective program is to teach the fundamental principles of interpreting radiological studies. The medical student and doctor will learn the value and limitations of such studies in commonly encountered clinical problems.

On the day of arrival, a member of the department will be assigned as a mentor. For the first week of the stay, student will be scheduled in for one-week tutorial attachment with rotating home-students, where senior radiologists will give small group tutorials. Students are also expected to conduct a small research project during the stay and give a short presentation on its outcomes in our departmental meeting.

For more information regarding the Radiology elective, please visit the Jikei JCIA website